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What are the benefits of working with a Certified System Integrator?

Cognex Certified Distributor's engineering team has the capabilities to design, integrate and maintain end-to-end machine vision solutions to improve complex manufacturing processes using Cognex's industry leading technologies.

What is a Certified System Integrator?

Cognex Certified System Integrators are experts at integrating Cognex machine vision systems with new or existing manufacturing and inspection processes. The result - faster cycle time, improved product quality, lower manufacturing costs, and the elimination of production errors.

Who is Cognex?

Through their certified system integrators, Cognex offers best-in-class machine vision products, systems and services to help manufacturers optimize quality, productivity and efficiency. Their products are used in diverse applications including industrial inspection, quality control, test and measurement and medical imaging.

How does a vision system works?

A machine vision system is a device specifically designed to detect objects, measure their attributes and shape, or determine the location or orientation of those objects. To perform these tasks, a machine vision system needs three components: an image capture device with lenses and filters; an image processing unit for converting the images into meaningful information; and finally, an output display to show you the results. Most machine vision systems also have some type of computer interface (eg Ethernet) so that they can be connected to other devices such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs) or industrial PCs.

What are vision systems?

A machine vision system is an automated visual inspection machine used to capture and analyze images to recognize defects, classify products or materials, and automatically inspect objects. Machine vision integrates multiple systems that together can be used in many applications such as quality control, automated guided vehicles, and assembly systems.

Which industries uses vision systems?

Machine vision systems are used in many industries, including industrial manufacturing, medical imaging devices, automated guided vehicles, safety equipment, and robotics. Most industrial applications use vision systems to solve a specific problem in various industries.

What are the different types of vision systems?

There are different types of machine vision systems, depending on the type of camera and how the system is used. Machine vision can use different types of cameras, including digital cameras, standard analog cameras, and linescan cameras. The type of camera and how it is used determines the types of processing needed after the camera captures an image.