Pharmaceutical Solutions


Machine vision solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

Automated inspection systems design and integration

Our proven expertise in mechanical and electrical engineering helps us design and implement complex automated inspection systems that easily integrate with pharmaceutical manufacturers existing facilities and production lines. Our vision system integration service has multiple useful application for solving complex manufacturing problems:

  • Automatic packaging and label integrity inspection
  • Traceability of serialized products from manufacturing to patient
  • Automatic ejection of defective products detected

Requirements of the pharmaceutical industry

Security and Traceability requirements compliance

Mechatronics Solutions offers Americans and Canadians pharmaceutical manufacturers cost-effective solutions to comply with patient safety and traceability regulations using Cognex industry-leading vision technologies.

Our automated industrial vision solutions adds value at each stage of your manufacturing processes:

  • Prevention of defects and reduction of errors
  • Improved product quality and consistency
  • Increase yield, production volume and overall productivity
  • Ensure total compliance with pharmaceutical regulations (USA & Canada)

Mecatronique is certified for Cognex integration projects

Certified Cognex System Integrator (CSI)

Mechatronics is a Certified Cognex Distributor and Integrator. We choose to use Cognex vision systems to solve our customers' problems because they are recognized worldwide for their reliability and flexibility.

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