ClickCease Cognex In-Sight 2800 Series : Vision System
Features and Specifications Credit: Cognex Corporation

IN-SIGHT 2800 SERIES VISION SYSTEM deep learning technology

To make companies tackle and solve various tasks across multiple features a solve a wide range of applications, the In Sight 2800 Series combines different categories of artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technology with classic rule based vision tools to solve a wide range, vision and factory automation increase product quality and inspection applications and tools.

From presence/absence detection to sorting, advanced image categorization and character sorting and reading, the In Sight 2800 Series with deep learning technology offers companies an affordable price easy to deploy solution how-to-implement anti-error factory automation machine vision software solution.

By incorporating multi-torch capabilities to enhance quality and leveraging advanced image processing for parts sorting.

  • Improve product quality by detecting small, error proofing tasks, subtle flaws with enhanced error detection.
  • Leveraging your current staff and keeping your lines running with quick, straightforward task setup.
  • Identifying the correct combination accessory with a few button clicks

IN-SIGHT 2800 vision system SERIES FEATURES

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Cognex delivers the widest range of image-based factory automation and distribution products to help companies like you ensure error-free production, lower costs, and manage your supply chain:

  • Barcode readers to ensure part and product traceability
  • Vision systems and software for quality inspection and automation
  • Vision sensors to detect part features and verify assembly
  • Laser profilers for 3D inspection to further optimize quality