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Cognex DataMan 50-60 Series Specifications Cognex DataMan 50-60 Series Credit: Cognex Corporation

DataMan 50-60 Series Features and Specifications

Cognex Dataman 50-60 Series Barcode Readers

The DataMan 50-60 Series feature the same powerful, patented barcode scanning technology, visualization for performance feedback, and solid-state design as the high-end scanners from Cognex, but in a smaller package. DataMan 50-60 series barcode readers are priced similarly to existing laser scanner solutions.

  • Advanced technology for laser scanner users
  • Wide range of models including options for reading oriented 1D barcodes, omnidirectional 1D barcodes and 2D barcodes
  • Reading damaged, distorted, blurry, scratched, low height or low contrast 1D linear barcodes

Technology Hotbars™

Hotbars™ technology is a proprietary technology that delivers the highest read rates for 1D linear barcodes, including those that are damaged, distorted, blurry, scratched, low pitch, or low contrast. This ensures accurate and reliable barcode reading.

Fonction IDQuick™

The IDQuick™ feature provides fast and accurate 2D barcode reading for DataMan 50-60 Series models. This enables accurate capture of data contained in 2D barcodes.

Solid state design

The DataMan 50-60 Series are designed with no moving parts that wear out and require replacement. This ensures high durability and reliability, reducing maintenance and replacement costs. RS-232, USB and Ethernet (DataMan 60 models) connectivity options provide flexibility in integration with other systems and equipment.

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Cognex delivers the widest range of image-based factory automation and distribution products to help companies like you ensure error-free production, lower costs, and manage your supply chain:

  • Barcode readers to ensure part and product traceability
  • Vision systems and software for quality inspection and automation
  • Vision sensors to detect part features and verify assembly
  • Laser profilers for 3D inspection to further optimize quality