ClickCease Solutions for the food industry

Solutions for the food industry

Significantly reduce downtime and waste

Secure and optimize food traceability for increased transparency

Adopt advanced technologies to ensure the quality of your products

By category:

3D inspection of finished product and packaging

  • Defect detection and surface validation
  • Identification of cakes, individual cakes, candies and cookies
  • Checking the height of the icing
  • Checking volume and flatness

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Quality inspection of chocolate boxes

  • Compliance with strict standards
  • Identification of physical defects
  • Identification of irregularities

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Automated Meat and Poultry Inspection

  • Accuracy during visual classification of already packaged meat
  • Visual identification of plastic or polystyrene foam
  • Rapid detection of physical contamination elements

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Chewing-gum inspection

  • Detection of the subtlety and variability of possible defects as well as variation in acceptable appearance
  • Achieving a level of quality that cannot be matched by other types of visual inspection

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Inspection of coffee beans

  • Identification of batches of grains confirmed before their inventory
  • Verification of detection of physical contaminants, such as plant matter, stones, etc.
  • Acceptance of variation in overall differences between coffee...

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Verification of packaging correspondence

  • Localization and visual identification of food products before packaging
  • Locate unnoticed variations such as angle, size and shade on objects
  • Identification of food products and association of contents with their...

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Inspection and sorting of nuts

  • Distinction between acceptable forms and unacceptable states
  • Rapid classification of nuts as acceptable or unacceptable
  • Neither manual inspection nor other forms of machine vision can achieve the same speed and accuracy...

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Portioning inspection

  • Detect volume and portion errors to maximize yield and reduce waste
  • Measuring the volume of food products during assembly to check portion size

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Foreign body detection

  • Intervention of contamination and foreign bodies, e.g. air pockets, dust, particles, hairs, etc.
  • Defect detection in high-speed production environments
  • Locate, analyze and classify complex contamination issues in...

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Verification of product uniformity

  • Identification of packet patterns and stamps, despite changes in orientation, angle, lighting, etc.
  • Rejection of damaged and broken products before packaging or distribution

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