ClickCease Cognex DataMan 360 Series - Fixed Mount Barcode Readers
Cognex Dataman 300 Series Cognex Dataman 360 Series Credit: Cognex Corporation

DataMan 360 Series Features and Specifications

Cognex Dataman 360 Series Barcode Readers

The DataMan 360 Series range is distinguished by its high performance, unparalleled versatility and ease of use, offering a cutting-edge solution to increase productivity while reducing costs.

  • Fast and accurate barcode reading
  • Suitable for a variety of barcode scanning applications in different industrial environments

Technology Hotbars II™

1DMax™, using Hotbars II™ technology, enables fast and accurate reading of 1D barcodes, even when damaged or misprinted.

Technologie PowerGrid™

2DMax®, equipped with PowerGrid™ technology (patent pending), provides reliable reading of complex 2D codes, including codes with no visible perimeter that were previously inaccessible.

Interchangeable lights and optics

Field interchangeable lights and optics can be easily adapted to changing shop conditions and changing application requirements, providing unparalleled flexibility.

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Cognex delivers the widest range of image-based factory automation and distribution products to help companies like you ensure error-free production, lower costs, and manage your supply chain:

  • Barcode readers to ensure part and product traceability
  • Vision systems and software for quality inspection and automation
  • Vision sensors to detect part features and verify assembly
  • Laser profilers for 3D inspection to further optimize quality