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Verification of packaging correspondence Credit: Cognex Corporation

Verification of packaging correspondence

  • Localization and visual identification of food products before packaging
  • Locate unnoticed variations such as angle, size and shade on objects
  • Identification of food products and association of contents with their packaging

Machine vision systems verify that packaging contains the right elements.

Unrivaled accuracy in product identification

Top quality guarantee

Using PatMax RedLine technology, the In-Sight 7000 vision system learns the unique geometry of each food product, allowing it to search for similar geometric shapes in acquired images. This precision ensures correct product identification, avoiding costly packaging errors and customer disappointments.

Reliable variation detection

Constant confidence

Variations in angle, size and shade can pose challenges, but the In-Sight 7000 system is equipped with color filtering, identification and extraction tools to record differences in color and geometry. This means it can detect food products even when imperceptible variations occur, ensuring consistency of package contents.

Preventing packaging errors

Zero compromise

Food products that do not match the unique color and geometry are repurposed, preventing packaging errors. This ensures that customers are not faced with unpleasant surprises and that manufacturers avoid costs related to recalls and reputation.

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