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Verification of product uniformity Credit: Cognex Corporation

Verification of product uniformity

  • Identification of packet patterns and stamps, despite changes in orientation, angle, lighting, etc.
  • Rejection of damaged and broken products before packaging or distribution

Machine vision systems spot damage and ensure consistency in size, shape, color and texture.

Significant reduction in batch rejections

Top quality guarantee

Cognex PatMax technology, combined with color tools, helps identify package patterns and stamps despite variations in orientation, angle, lighting and other conditions that can affect the appearance of products on the production line. By detecting damaged or broken products, it allows them to be rejected before their packaging or distribution.

Preserving brand reputation

Constant confidence

By eliminating defective products before they reach customers, you protect your brand's reputation by providing consistent quality products. Costly returns and customer dissatisfaction due to defective products are avoided, increasing trust in your business.

Optimizing production efficiency

Zero compromise

Cognex PatMax technology simplifies the detection of cosmetic defects, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual inspections. This helps maintain a smooth and efficient production flow, avoiding costly interruptions. Additionally, by learning object geometries, PatMax can be adapted to process different types of products, improving the flexibility of your production line.

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