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Foreign body detection Credit: Cognex Corporation

Foreign body detection

  • Intervention of contamination and foreign bodies, e.g. air pockets, dust, particles, hairs, etc.
  • Defect detection in high-speed production environments
  • Locate, analyze and classify complex contamination issues in real-time to prevent contact of contaminants in the supply chain on high-volume lines

Make sure that food products do not contain any contaminants.

Preventing costly product recalls

Top quality guarantee

Contamination and foreign objects are one of the leading causes of product recalls in the food industry. Using Cognex Deep Learning, you can proactively detect complex contamination issues, such as air pockets, dust, particles and hair, in real-time to prevent these contaminants from entering your home. the logistics chain.

Improved operational efficiency

Constant confidence

Cognex Deep Learning automates quality inspection, reducing reliance on human operators for defect detection. This frees workers from repetitive and tedious tasks, while ensuring consistent and accurate inspection at high speed. Automation improves overall operational efficiency, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Optimized traceability and quality

Zero compromise

Cognex's deep learning technology can be integrated with robotics to detect complex anomalies that human operators might miss. This results in fewer recalls, reduced rework costs, better image acquisition and full product traceability. You can guarantee consistent product quality while optimizing your investments.

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