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Chewing-gums inspection Credit: Cognex Corporation

Chewing-gums inspection

  • Detection of the subtlety and variability of possible defects as well as variation in acceptable appearance
  • Achieving a level of quality that cannot be matched by other types of visual inspection

Identify visual imperfections on a large quantity of small, curved objects.

Unrivaled reliability in detecting cosmetic defects

Top quality guarantee

Our AI-powered solutions reliably inspect these delicate products to spot even the most subtle cosmetic defects, such as dents or scratches. This ensures that only impeccable products reach your customers, building their trust in your quality and loyalty to your brand.

Reduced risk of defective products

Constant confidence

By preventing defective products from reaching your customers, you significantly reduce the risk of returns, complaints or customer dissatisfaction. This allows you to maintain a strong reputation and lower returns management costs.

Unrivaled level of quality

Zero compromise

With our classification tool trained on a set of images showing intact and damaged products, you can guarantee an exceptional level of quality. Your customers receive products without any imperfections, which reinforces their satisfaction and loyalty to your brand.

Find out how we can help you modernize your facilities to achieve your performance and profitability goals.

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