ClickCease Quality inspection of chocolate boxes
Quality inspection of chocolate boxes Credit: Cognex Corporation

Quality inspection of chocolate boxes

  • Compliance with strict standards
  • Identification of physical defects
  • Identification of irregularities

Make sure that all components of an assortment are present and in good condition. Protect your brand image.

Compliance with strict standards

Top quality guarantee

Our vision solutions ensure careful inspection of each chocolate, quickly and accurately identifying signs of physical damage such as dents, holes or scratches. You can rest assured that every piece in your assortment meets the highest quality standards, preserving your brand reputation.

Strengthened brand and loyalty

Satisfied customers

By eliminating damaged or missing chocolates from your assortments, you offer an impeccable tasting experience to your customers. This builds customer satisfaction and solidifies your brand’s reputation as a provider of premium confectionery. Satisfied customers are loyal customers.

Complex fault detection

Zero compromise

Our vision solutions are designed to detect defects even on individual chocolates with patterned or irregular surfaces, and variations in reflectivity. Variability in defects and their location is no problem, as our advanced technology intelligently adapts to spot all possible defects. You make no compromises when it comes to quality.

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