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Portioning inspection Credit: Cognex Corporation

Portioning inspection

  • Detect volume and portion errors to maximize yield and reduce waste
  • Measuring the volume of food products during assembly to check portion size

3D displacement sensors examine portion dimensions before packaging.

Unrivaled precision in portioning

Top quality guarantee

Machine vision solutions, combined with Cognex 3D motion sensors, provide exceptional accuracy in measuring the volume of food products during assembly. This ensures that portions are equal and accurate, avoiding customer disappointment and preserving the manufacturer's reputation. Accurate detection of volume and portion errors helps maximize yield and reduce waste, while maintaining consistency.

Savings time and effort

Constant confidence

With 3D calibration, manufacturers can easily set the desired portion size and cutting points during the processing process. Factory-calibrated Cognex 3D displacement sensors enable efficient 3D inspection of food products. This simplifies visual inspection and volumetric measurement, saving time and effort while ensuring uniform portions.

Improved quality and consistency

Zero compromise

Cognex 3D laser displacement sensors precisely measure the dimensions of each portion to ensure they meet specifications. This results in an overall improvement in the quality and consistency of food products, thereby strengthening customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

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