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Walnut inspection and sorting Credit: Cognex Corporation

Inspection and sorting of nuts

  • Distinction between acceptable forms and unacceptable states
  • Rapid classification of nuts as acceptable or unacceptable
  • Neither manual inspection nor other forms of machine vision can achieve the same speed and accuracy in this task

Detect quality nuts to place on chocolates.

Unrivaled precision in nut selection

Top quality guarantee

Using Cognex AI-based technology, the classification tool is able to quickly distinguish between acceptable nuts and those that are damaged or broken, taking into account extreme variability in shape, color and texture. This precision ensures that only intact and acceptable nuts are selected and placed on the chocolates, avoiding costly errors and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Exceptional speed and efficiency

Constant confidence

The part locator tool, trained on a set of images of acceptable nuts, can quickly and accurately locate those nuts as they move down the conveyor, regardless of the presence and number of other nut pieces . This speed and efficiency is impossible to achieve with manual inspection or other forms of machine vision, improving productivity significantly.

Reduction of rejections and protection of reputation

Zero compromise

By eliminating the placement of wrong-way or damaged nuts on chocolates, you avoid costly rejections and ensure customer satisfaction. This preserves your brand reputation by providing consistent quality products.

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